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Rabu, 10 Maret 2010


Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) BPW – Egypt
Egyptian Business Women Association (EBWA) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Islamic Development Bank (IDB)



“Empowerment of Businesswomen to Meet the MDGs
And Intercultural Dialogue”

22 – 24 April 2010
Mena House Oberoi Hotel
Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt


The Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry being the only Institution within the OIC representing the private sector was given the mandate by the 9th Session of Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of OIC Countries (COMCEC) held in September 1993 in Turkey to organize private sector meetings, with the objective of bringing the private sector in the forefront of economic development.

As per the OIC 10-Year Plan of Action and the role assigned to the Islamic Chamber for capacity building of women in the Member Countries, Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) has initiated a comprehensive program for the economic empowerment of businesswomen of the Member States to realize the economic potential of businesswomen in the OIC Member Countries. This endeavor is also in line with Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations (UN).

This has been done by organizing Businesswomen Forums in Islamic Countries on annual basis. In 2005, the First Forum for Businesswomen in Islamic Countries was organized in Sharjah, U.A.E. under the theme of “Partners in Economic and Social Development”, while the Second Forum for Businesswomen Forum was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2006 under the theme of “Creating Opportunities through Networking”, the Third Forum for Businesswomen was held in Doha, State of Qatar 13-15 January 2008 under the theme of ‘Micro-Credit Financing: the way forward for economic prosperity’ and the Fourth Forum for Businesswomen was organized in Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic from 2 to 4 November 2008, under kind patronage of H.E Asmaa al-Assad, First Lady of Syria. The theme of the Forum was “Role of Culture, Media and Tourism in developing sustainable economic prosperity.”

These events had been organized with the collaboration of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, UNDP, Member Chambers, and Businesswomen Association. Each Forum was attended by over 300 delegates representing around 45 OIC Member Countries and non OIC Countries are also welcomed and International Organizations.

It is pertinent to note that the Businesswomen Forum have become an annual event of the Islamic Chamber and the number of participation at each Forum is increasing as the Forum provides excellent opportunities to businesswomen from Islamic countries in identifying the challenges, determining the areas which need support, building network among themselves, exchanging experiences and know-how, identifying new markets, and expanding the existing level of economic ties amongst their respective business communities through trade and investment.

Outcome of the previous Forums:

The successes of the previous Forums and the recommendations adopted therein were duly followed and implemented which led to the establishment of:
• Businesswomen Information Network (;
• Family Bank in Sudan with a capital of US$35 million;
• Incubation Center and Buying House in Multan, Pakistan;
• Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development for poverty reduction by IDB with the capital of US$10 billion.

Fifth Forum for Businesswomen in Islamic Countries:

On the kind invitation of Egyptian Businesswomen Association, Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) is organizing the Fifth Forum for Businesswomen in Cairo, Egypt on 22-24 April 2010, in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Special Unit for South-South Cooperation, under the theme of “Empowerment of Businesswomen to Meet the MDGs & Intercultural Dialogue .

Goals and Objectives:

The aim of the Forum is to create in the long run, a platform for businesswomen to share their experiences and know-how, to discuss new ideas, to identify business opportunities and to link business partners. It is an ideal platform for international cooperation, with each country being able to acquire specific know-how on its partners, as well as sharing intercultural competence and innovative ideas and pursuing cultural exchange. It is not only political and economic developments which will drive the increasing links between the OIC Member Countries, but also the cultural, scientific and transnational projects taking place between the regions and across the whole area.

In addition to the above, the main objectives of the Forum are to enhance the role of businesswomen to contribute effectively to the economies of the OIC Countries, as well as to:
• build the Businesswomen / entrepreneurs’ capacities to perform efficiently and effectively.
• promote and market the services being offered by the businesswomen through OIC-BIN portal (
• enhance and highlight the role of businesswomen in major regional and international conferences and events.
• create awareness about value addition and product diversification.
• build a network with businesswomen locally, regionally and globally across the world from OIC & OIC countries.
• provide a range of services for young entrepreneurs, like training and counseling.
• recognize and reward the keen efforts that businesswomen of OIC countries are offering to contribute to their economies.
• discuss challenges being faced by women entrepreneurs to better market access in OIC Countries.

Structure of the Forum:

With the exception of the field day visit during the forum, the two days will consist of four plenary sessions, each session will focus on a main subject and will comprise of a plenary discussion followed by group discussions. The group work would allow for in-depth debates on the given subject.

Activities of the Forum

The Forum will comprise of the following sessions:
1) Inaugural session
2) Working sessions
3) Networking (Lunches / Dinner & Tour to industrial Units)
Accompanying Exhibition
An Exhibition will also be held on the sidelines of the Forum. The Exhibition will cover the products of Women Entrepreneurs, Business Women Associations & Women participating in the Congress & Companies owned by women.

Topics of the Papers presented during the Forum
1) Economic Empowerment of Women through Training & Capacity Building .
2) Women entrepreneurs’ role in the socio-economic development.
3) Challenges being faced by businesswomen in OIC Member Countries
4) Role of the technology in promoting women participation in knowledge based market economy
5) Areas of Progress and Growth of women entrepreneurs
6) Global best practices in decision making for Businesswomen by the International Organization
7) Intercultural dialogue among Business Women & Entrepreneurs across the World for Building successful global Partnerships and Alliances
8) Role of international agencies for Women Entrepreneurship Development.
9) Empowerment of Women in Trade to gain access to global Markets .
10) Presentations of Models of successful projects for Economic Empowerment of Women e.g. Business Development Centers, Business Incubators ….

Institutions to be invited for the Forum:
• Private Sector, Women entrepreneurs and Business Women from OIC Countries (Non OIC Countries are Welcomed).
• Women’s Associations/Organizations from the OIC Member Countries (Non OIC Countries are Welcomed).
• Local , Regional & International organizations targeting Women Empowerment & Economic Growth & Empowering Women in the Private Sector .
• UN Agencies .
• National institutions responsible for Development of Women in General.
• Ministries of Gender, Economy, Trade, and Finance in Islamic Countries.
• Federations / Unions / Associations / Councils and Chambers of Commerce and Industries in the Islamic Countries.
• Financing Corporations, Islamic Banks, including IDB, World Women Banking.
• National Councils of Women
• International Figures & Role models targeting Women Empowerment .


Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI):

The Islamic Chamber is an affiliated organ of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and represents the private sector of 57 Islamic Countries. It aims at strengthening closer collaboration in the field of trade, commerce, shipping, banking, tourism, women development, SMEs, privatization, information technology, promotion of investment opportunities and joint ventures in the Member Countries. Its membership is comprised of the National Chambers / Unions / Federations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the member countries. ICCI provides guidance to businessmen and industrialists in identifying joint venture projects, works towards the expansion of Intra-Islamic trade by disseminating information on trade opportunities and by providing the Members a Wide Area Computer Network with all trade and industry related information as well as encourages the exchanges of expertise and the transfer of technology among Member countries. ICCI also arranges provision of technical training to private business operators and staff of member chambers. For more information, please visit .

New Vision of ICCI:

Realizing the fast moving global economic scenario and the need to further promote the dynamic role of the private sector, the Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry under the title of "New Vision" has new projects, which are expected to have a most significant catalytic impact in expanding portfolio of trade and investment related initiatives, tourism exchanges and capacity building projects in LDCs. The projects are:

1) The International Organization for Zakat.
2) Emmar International Bank.
3) The International Foundation of Awqaf (Islamic Endowments)
4) Manpower Recruitment and Training Companies.
5) Establishment of Inter-Tourism Development Companies.
6) Committees on Consolidating Economic and Commercial Cooperation, implementation of OIC Plan, Exchange of Experience, Building Mutual Bargaining Attitudes and Cooperation Protocol.
7) Foras Investment Co.
8) Business Owners Union
9) Ommar Al-Ard
10) Islamic Rating & Certification Agency

At a time when Egypt was crossing to Globalization and many Economical Groups were represented, Business Women in Egypt had to have a body to represent them and give guidance to those existing Business Women and to those who want to start their Businesses with the main target of Economic Empowerment of Women .
That is why EBWA was established.
It is the First and only Central organization for Business Women established in Egypt Since 1995.

EBWA was established to accomplish certain objectives concentrating on Economic Empowerment of Women through the promotion of Entrepreneurial culture , the Development of the Business Women’s career and the creation of young Business Women generation who are able to start their own Business and are capable of managing their enterprises.
Such objectives are as follows:
- To Assist in Capacity Building, and Training of Women Entrepreneurs.
- To Support Small and Medium Enterprises owned by women .
- To Assist Women Entrepreneurs in Product Development & Adding Value to their products.
- To establish Business Development Centers , and Business Incubator to build the Capacity of Women Entrepreneurs to play their role in the Economy .
- To prepare and organize guidance and information to encourage women to carry out productive projects.
- To organize and hold conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops to raise the awareness of Women in different fields of Business .
- To conduct economical and social feasibility studies for Business projects for Women starting their Business.
- To study the needs of domestic market and to encourage the establishment of new appropriate projects contributing to Community Development .
- To organize Training programs in different fields targeting development of skills and talents of Women.
- To provide financial , accounting and legal services to women.
- To issue a Bulletin to act as a tool to disseminate information and exchange of experience.
- To promote Women to have Access to Regional & Global Market .
- To organize various exhibitions and fairs locally, regionally & internationally for marketing of women products .
- To network & co-operate with different associations working in the field of women Empowerment all over the world.


Islamic Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI)
St. 2/A, Block-9, KDA Scheme 5,
P.O. Box: 3831 Clifton, Karachi-75600,
Tel. (92-21) 5874910, 5874756, 5830646
Fax. (92-21) 5870765, 5874212
Egyptian Business Women Association EBWA – BPW – Egypt Secretariat, 14 Syria St., Mohandeseen, Cairo,
Tel : +202-33368304, +202-7495670
Fax : +202-7495671

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