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Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

First Annual meeting of I-SIE & Conference on " Islamic Economics: An Institutional Economic Perspective "

Call for Papers
First Annual meeting of I-SIE & Conference on
" Islamic Economics: An Institutional Economic Perspective "
June , 2009
Islamabad, Pakistan ,
Annual meeting of I-SIE will be held on the second day of the Conference

The first issue of the Journal of Islamic Society for Institutional Economics (JOISIE) will be expected appear in the shape of proceedings of the conference to be held in June 2009.
Focus for the Conference
a. Alternate Paradigm for Economic Thoughts & Economic orthodoxy
b. Discipline of Islamic Economics between Neo Classical and Institutional Schools
c. Developing Economies in the light of Institutional Reforms
d. Institutional Structure Muslim Economies
e. Institutional Reforms & Economic Performance
f. Economic Institution and Poverty
g. Governance, Institutions and Faith
h. Governance, Institutions and Economic Development in Muslim Countries
Topics/Themes for conference/Journal
Lessons of New Institutional Economics for Developing Economies
Lessons of New Institutional Economics for Operating Muslim economies on Islamic principles
New Institutional Economics as framework for developing Islamic Economics
Identifying transaction costs and Measuring them in financial markets
Fiqh al Buyu and Transaction Cost
Institutional Innovations to address the problems of poverty alleviation
Innovating Institutions for an Islamic economic system in the contemporary world
Governance style of early Islamic Period and their implication for contemporary societies
Governance and Institutional Problems in Muslim Countries.
Effectiveness of Judicial System and its impact on Economic Development.
Legacy of Colonial Institutions and Corruption
Institutional Economics of Class Structure in Muslim Economies
World Bank Survey and Lessons for Islamic economics and finance
Property rights for poor and land reforms in developing countries
Property rights for in Islam and Institutional framework to enforce the
Islamic Economics, Neo-classical Economics, Institutional Economics and New Institutional Economics: A Survey
Basic Assumptions of Neoclassical Economics, NIE and their relevance in Islamic Economics
The Firm between Neoclassical Economics and Institutional Economics: Do we have Islamic Theory of Firm (Lessons from the Shari'a Compatible Contracts)
Institutions of Islam and their role in the System of Life in the contemporary world
institutions of Islam and Transaction Cost
Agency theory
Property rights system
Collective Action
Bounded Rationality
Self Interest
Conflict of interest
Norms and rules of Governance
Institutions formulating Social Capital in Islamic system of life and their role in the formation of Islamic Economic System
Faith, Institutions and Economics
Money as Institution in the Comparative Economic Systems
Economics Institution in the Light of Islamic Legal System
Economic Relations among Economic Institutions under Muslims’ Social responsibilities.
Institutional framework of Firms and inter-firm operation under Islamic contract

Notes for Contributors
All articles must be in English. They may be submitted in electronic format only to . MSWord, and pdf files are acceptable.
There must be no indication of the personal identity or institution of any author of the article within the article itself, or in the 'properties' of the electronic file. Normally, articles (including footnotes and references) must be no longer than 9,000 words. In special cases, such as an extended review article, this limit may be extended to 12,000 words.
Registration Contribution:
Participantion is free for individuals from India , Indonesia, Pakistan , Srilanka, Bangladesh and African Countries
$ 200 US for Participants from EU , North America, ANZ .
$ 100 US for Participants from Asian Countries
The registration fee will be received at the time of arrival. Registration fee will cover meals served and academic material during the conference
Four Star residence/rooms cost in Islamabad varies from US 40 $ to US 100 $ per night
(For reservation help contact Conference organizers)
Dates to be Remembered:
Abstract Submission Deadline: Oct 31, 2008
Paper Submission Deadline December 31, 2008
Conference to be Held : June 2009
please visit for more info
or email us at isie @


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