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Rabu, 10 Maret 2010

Report on 1st Conference of Islamic Humanitarian NGOs In OIC Member Country

By Global Peace Mission(GPM) Malaysia

The islamic community has identified the political , social economic and cultural problem it has to face in changing world characteristerised by globalisation, unilatalerable association between Islam and Terrorism which rise the term islamaphobia especially after the incident of 9/11 in 2001. In order to solve the matter the ummah should unite and join together to play the important role , Organization Of Islamic Confrence (OIC) had initiate The First Conference of Humanitarian Organizations in the OIC Member States at Sally Portudal in the Republic of Senegal from 7 to 9 March 2008. This Confrence had gathered representative of humanitarian and charitables organisation from all OIC states. Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia, the founding member of OIC Humanitarian Forum, has been invited to represent Malaysia in this confrence. Hj. Muhammad Nur Anuar Hashim, the President of GPM and Fauwaz Hasbullah, Chief Executive Officer GPM were participated in this three days confrence.

The OIC is the instrument of islam solidarity and a tool of reform. It has adopted a new strategic vision of world affairs in order to bring community responses to the current chalenges. Especially in order to respon to attacks against Islam, fight poverty within the ummah, established democracy and good governance and promote social and economic development and Islam value based on peace, solidarity, tolerence and justice. Therefore the main objective of this confrences to review and develop an action plan for Islamic NGO in OIC member state country in order to promote exchanges and build capacities. This confrence also is to share the OIC Ten-Year Action Plan

GPM also as the founding members and Commission of Humanitarian and solidarity of UNIW have actively participated in this confrence in order to ensure the role of NGO recognise by the OIC member states country. Several recommendations were made for submission to the 11th Islamic Summit in Dakar. Cited among them are those calling for endeavours to adopt codes of conduct and a code of honour for humanitarian and charitable action in the Member States of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and establishment within the OIC a Centre for Studies, Information and Training to be concerned with the work of organizations, disasters, crises and development needs in the member state.

There were four series of workshop in this confrence which discuss topic regarding ;
1. enhancing national laws and adopting regional laws to organize humanitarian and charitable activities.
2. capacities building and setting up of a database for humanitarian and charitable activities.
3. partnership and coordination between humanitarian and charitable organization.
4. relationship between the OIC and various Humanitarian and Charitable organization

The Conference also called for energizing the role of Zakat, Waqfs, financing and local donations in Member States to support charitable and humanitarian action and fill the legislative gaps therein and, also stressed the role of the OIC as a coordinator in emergency humanitarian situations, proceeding from the fact that this relation is one of coordination, cooperation and complementarity. Also recommended was the appointment of goodwill ambassadors for the OIC consisting of eminent personalities in order to encourage coordination and partnership between NGOs.

This confrence was oficially launched by the Senegal Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hon Cheikh Tidjane who represent President of Senegal H.E Maitre Abdoulaye Wade. Also present was the OIC Secretary General Prof.Dr Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. At the end of their deliberations, the participants issued a declaration on the humanitarian situation in Gaza. We hope with this confrence it can strenghten the solidarity of the ummah and islamic NGOs.

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